Friday, 6 December 2019

dare i say

dare i say

the failure took courage 
to get out of there

where what was an escape
was in fact a prison

breaking chains is hard
bloody hard

at the time there were chains everywhere
buried by rusty chains
wet rust cold rust

panic buried under a mountain of chains
forever it seems
climbing those chains with the spider racing

then there was the ‘fuck you’ side
of the fool’s gold 

in the way of the child kicking back 
against the man

the open open openness 
that they kicked against in fear of the lightness
of touch that they thought concealed a fist

the river that slowly bore the raft of time
over cataracts to the fall

a river that ran uphill - for god’s sake
to make the fall the tallest of them all
and on and on and up and up

the gold tarnished as gold should not
the rings turned into chains
the fool’s gold said fool

the box had no windows
the sides closed in
drowning in tears 
banging against the sides with fists of wool

smothering in the blindness of others
screaming at the deaf
running down the up escalator 
into the valley of the mountain


the crash to the core of a world
of indifference in their ignorance

suspended animation 
catatonic panting low

the milestones on the mountain road
are counted in wretched breaths

the blind nails of the climb
hand over bloody fist over bloody time

and now

the view from the summit over the clouds
the joy to be above the fear
oh yes yes
and yet the long thin thread leads
back there

for there is no further up
is there
only down
and yet the sunshine is as bright as life

quiet now
i’ll wait here for
ever to arrive

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