Saturday, 16 May 2020

the trout stream

the trout stream

walk the sleepers
one by one
by one by one

one by one
by one by one

hooks and worms
and rod and reel 

the evening’s boy
is troutward bound 
along the saddletank line
beneath the main

past the creaking sheds
that sped his feet beneath
the dead works walls and
all the way the ruins closed
and closer until it
breathed the reedmace’s
sunny way along the pipe
that carried the mysterious what
that held the balanced tread
of trespass through the gasometer works
and there he was 
it was the
worm in the flow and
trout in mind’s eye so
he’ll walk the sundown
as he always did
in the turning of the day’s
weariness as the gnats
danced the setting way
he flowed moonward 
for another day
another day
is won

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