Wednesday, 10 August 2022

this one last long hot summer

 this one last long hot summer

it was a long hot summer

just like that summer years ago

before it all began

but here we are again

under a plume of talk of heat 

and pressure and preciously little else of

droughts and famines and another war far and away

the political shenanigans of punch and judy bleat 

as the world burns on its way through space 

for it seems our space is just the length of this last long 



to think i missed that tomato splitting on the vine

when all the time that last coffee at the roadside cafe 

grew as cold as the conversation’s turning 

as narrow-eyed tutt-tutted teeth clenched

  the moment held 

     would not let go

our sweat trickled 

as slowly 

we got up to go


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