Friday, 10 March 2017

Eulogy (as requested)



Wish me not to rest in peace,
at your goodbye to me.
As I soar away from my earthly lease.
You know it's meant to be.

Say my name aloud, always,
and never whisper it sadly.
You know me in so many ways,
precious days and gladly

keep me high in your mind,
for although I clung to life tenaciously,
I am singing now, as I leave you behind,
there must be no anxiety.

Hold tight the thoughts of you and me,
but with them do not tie me,
for I am about to soar away
and more for you than me I say

that in some golden place 
I will wait and smiling brightly
I will look again upon your face 
and hold you tight and tightly.

There are parts of me more yours than mine,
and I am so much more because of this,
am, not was, you note this rhyme?
I am, you are, it is.

Don't forget my faults either,
you know them better than me.
a part of who I am - come don't dither!
They are also who I am, not who I used to be.

For now, our paths go different ways,
until we meet in another place,
where all will converge in glorious days,
you know it's meant to be, this grace.

So, I tell you now! Hum a happy tune,
as you walk away from me,
but I'll see you later, doubt immune 
time to conjure up a sunbeam see.

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