Wednesday, 30 August 2017

With Summer Homeward Bound


Beach burnt brown to eventide 
basking on a lizard day. 
Silhouetted in shrieks the
childrens' matchstick army 
fight "absoluterly ginormous!" waves 
that crash over castles, and 
flood vain their boasts,
that stopped no tides, nor did a
sun beseeched agree to stay.

Then along the cliff walk home,
apace the ebbing tide, seal hauled up 
and basking in the afterglow's warm
breath upon our weary shoulders,
salt skinned, itched, sanded,
and so long in shadow
absent minded 
and homeward bound.

Along the dusk diminuendo eyelids droop,
as the day draws in the sundown dusk.
Over dinner, served with breathless starlight,
and violin reflections, candles splutter in
dance over fine wines clinked and sipped,
in a seaweed hammock, briny upon the breeze.

When the promenaders, with their
dog-tired children, have perambulated
to their beds ashore, we attune
to the rhythm of the lighthouse,
the swell of the sea drowned day.
With nightgown drooping eyes,
at the confluence of the rivers of
all the delta suns, of all the days 
we ever wished to sail,
beneath high pennant colours,
resplendent and blown along
the horizon, golden in ribbon,
and wrapped in sighs,
at the end of a perfect day. 

Late summer upon the altar of autumn,
the sad sacrifice of a blood red sun,
quenched in its own skyline and salted 
with tears under the moon's cool stare. 

A cosmic shiver on the bedroom stairs 
of a spun down day, shawled in a lullaby. 
Whisper, "little one, remember today,
for one day, my bachgen bach, 
you will dream that you are here,
and you will wish you were once more".

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