Friday, 30 March 2018



kiss his little kiss-curl your lovely baby boy
kiss along his little hand upon his little toy
kiss away his tears when it fell off
and wouldn’t go no more
look mum 
said his wide sad eyes
kiss away the sadness with
a bright new toy 
for your boy’s big beaming smile

then kiss away his bemusement
when she bit him by the beads 
in the nursery and pushed him away
and kiss his friends 
with jelly and ice cream 
and tuck him into bed 
after he has fallen to sleep

kiss away his bloody knees and
fears in his tears 
and plaster the disaster 
before he runs back out to play
on the day he went 
that bit further away 
and came home so very late
kiss away your tears before
he sees the pain that he can cause
because there’s plenty of time in childhood
before that clause is drawn

then kiss way his dejection when
his girlfriend has another 
and then another girlfriend 
presents another tear 
for you to kiss away 
and you have to explain
that you too have been that way

kiss away the tears of laughter
when you share a precious joke
while you are still together
and not yet looking back 
then kiss away his growing pains
as you grow a little more apart
when his friends 
the boys and girls
has him cruelly say
you don’t understand 

and those tears of frustration 
you must not kiss away 
upon the day he stood alone
looking darkly back

yet you will still kiss away 
with careful words
the snares upon his track towards
that will never be total 
for you are always there 
at home 

when the big girl troubles really hurt
he’ll sort of beg you to kiss away
his pain 
and then run from you again 
denying he ever did
that it’s all
water under the bridge
standing tall upon your kisses
with the hint of a hint of a hint
of a tear in his eye and
he has no idea why

then you will kiss 
in a far away way
saying yes I am ok
when all the while his happiness 
with his princess will take him
further and further away
until finally he is gone
with a bag of your secret tears 
stored well away 
for him to draw upon
on a far away rainy day

and he has one special tear for you
kept deep within his heart
he’ll not need to call upon that
until you finally depart
and the big little boy
will drop that in your grave
and kiss away the tears
of his own little boy
who asked 
why did nanna 
have to go away

Jim Young

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