Saturday, 28 April 2018

late spring

there are more flowers on the pear tree
than there are bees upon the wing
and yet they still abound in the blossom
betwix the blue sky and the sea
the plum tree is coy in goosebumps
for her petal coat’s around her knees
and the blue bell fountains in the corner
ring of spring and ring out loud

the cherry blossoms lick the breeze
and the bees are flouncing
bouncing and announcing 
that the forsythia is leaving 
on the last flowering-currant train
and just look at the camellia 
well i ask you 
                        i ask you
is that soil brown upon her knees
and then there is the sea breeze 
that will turn the paths cherry pink
oh spring is such a pleasant time
don’t you think 
                          oh don’t you think

it has the allure 
of high summer mature
and boy oh boy
will we see some busy bees
before these days are over
oh please
      yes please
            yes please

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