Sunday, 20 May 2018

and if it did in gentle’s lightening hours

and if it did in gentle’s lightening hours,
  chance upon the dewed bird’s early worm,
and daisying with the dawn-eyed flowers,
  another summer’s day confirm.

and then they play the old songs, the summer list,
  from the days when we met our chance,
and my tears, thin as upon this morning mist,
  fall sweetly now upon your enquiring glance.

and all our knowing, twirls around that look,
  that held-breath upon the lake of time;
and love that started as a brook,
 now combines the tributaries of you are mine.

and in the darkling down slow hours
  that bat across the flitting moon,
and at these bookend days of ours,
  that came all but too soon,
we’ll fade together, day to night, 
  so hold my hand as i hold yours,
and we’ll kiss goodnight to night.

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