Tuesday, 7 August 2018

let secret lives lie

let secret lives lie

my mother hid a dildo,
she had a secret life;
although she was my mummy,
she was my daddy’s wife.

now this was in the sixties,
and it was made of wax;
wouldn’t allow that today of course,
but then safety was more lax.

i didn’t know what to make of that,
for at the time i was a middling;
now we are nanna and grandpa grey,
and we spend more time in fiddling.

but boys of every age,
have to in their bravado;
and women of that certain age,
have their needs, and what oh!

but love the glue between me and you,
down through our time and all the ages;
has twinkled in every eye,
and raged across the pages,

of the book of life, where
man and wife, their sages and their scions;
are writ in blood, and sweat, and tears;
and this is the thing, the only thing,
that you can, in all trust, rely on.

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