Thursday, 15 November 2018

love me sea

love me sea

such a moment to behold,
eyelids suffused with morning gold;
the cat is curled up in the sun,
for our day is only just begun.

such a gaze floats mused away,
to where the tides tirade the bay;
and i am off to taste the sea,
to bite the surf that surf bites me.

such a blue-cold grips my core,
that one could easily say no more!
but where else is the sky is so high?
and where do tumble-gulls cry and cry?

such an horizon calls you longing lay,
and give your heart to her this day;
madam sea i plead my love to thee,
and i will devote my life while i am free;

as such i plight my troth when each day i swim
that your minion sands say this is him;
the lover that you have timeless sought,
and that your siren smiles have caught.

such time now to take him on the tide,
for he has pledged to take you as his bride;
and down in the depths of love lay deep,
to dream the tears of salty sleep.

but, as you guess, all is not as it may seem,
for i awake from a dream;
and as i sit at my breakfast table,
the sea is but an ongoing fable.
but ne’er the less, it is all quite true,
i love the sea, and of this i can assure you.

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