Tuesday, 15 January 2019

always so cold

always so cold

away to the stars stream
the cold boy’s thoughts
feathered on the ice window

hedgehog curled in
bed’s ferryboat riding
the westminster chimes
so dark so dark there
dying down the embers 
creaking stairs

the lonely clock of the cat hours
the creeping of the shadowed moon hours
in that room down there 
while up here there are things
beyond the back of his eyes
he knows that they say
he will be ours

as down the sleep he slips 
to days of pals afoot the boundaries
of a world strung around those
hidden frights 
that they would never declare 
there were 

but the clock is squinting evil
minutes waiting for them there
tonight and every night
and every night there are
the cold shivers 
that ice the cake of dreams 

and their sweet teeth will chatter 
until warmth rises once again 
from his feet to his head among the stars
and tomorrow he promises himself
he will he will kiss the rainbow

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