Wednesday, 1 July 2020

have you ever wanted to be

have you ever wanted to be

have you ever wanted to be that man
the one with the stick
you know - the one with the metal pole
who listens to your stopcock 
out in the road
with his ear to the shiny wooden cup
at the end of his decision

or the man with his hands on the handles
of the surging tube that goes up and down 
up and splurging down in the storm drain
that keeps the kids enthralled

or the man with the shiny wooden pole
with the pig’s tail hook that darns
the the coupling links between the trucks
with such deft luck that barely at moment 
between the buffers shine bouncing the 
chains tight in a juddering offwego 

or the man in the moon
who is so superfluously superior
that he doesn’t even exist
i’d like to be a bit on the dark side
of an espresso light

ah well 
here they come with the medication trolley
better sign off now 
or they’ll think i’m off my trolley

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