Sunday, 30 April 2017

Kinks in Time

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Am I turning a memory of you
into a pastiche of the days?
Those endless days,
those sacred days,
when Kinks said,
believe me.

Did their light really shine so bright?
Or did they deceive me?
Did I long to kiss you, long ago?
Your hand today in mine says yes,
they were those sacred days,
those endless days.
Receive me.

I will not forget them today,
thinking of the ways,
and all the days
that I loved you.
Believe me.

More today, I would say,
and though they are gone,
they will never leave me.
Do you believe me?

I'm thinking of the days
from this end of life,
remember when
I took you as my wife?
You believed in me.

Thank you for The Days,
for you are mine,
and I am yours.
We believed in we,
didn’t we.
Every way,
in every day,
believe me.


I'll not forget your single Ray - believe me.

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