Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Remember Rock and Roll?


Dewey eyed o'er the do wop bop,
and the big bad boom.
Taught me beauty,
all nightly.
Said it rightly,
Took and inverted, that negative,
black and whitely, moody broody.
Say! Listen, listen? Move it, move it!
All gone now and I cannae prove it.
That big bad sound,
how we loved it - loved it.
True and fruity, all drank it.
Down and outie, to righty.
God I'm crying. Bug it, bug it.
My heart's a breaking,
go dam lightly,
down, and a down-down,
down, down, down,
go way back and
black down throb it,
throb it, bob it.
Hit it, hit it, 
already written,
written 'n' smitten.
    Yeah, yeah!

Your yesteryear.
     Your yesteryeah.

A wham bang boom ......

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