Thursday, 18 May 2017



Dot's it all about? Susie.
(dedicated to my muses)

It's not about personality,
although that's the human way.
It's hard to say, but it's about policy.
Choices for tomorrow, made by you today.

Historic is not a histrionic,
this is a pivotal time.
In a mousetrap world neurotic,
your cross upon the line

is needed for tomorrow's world.
For your kith and kin and mine,
are reliant on your flag unfurled,
your place within the line,

will make or break this nation.
You HAVE TO decide - it's time!
To stand up and be counted,
to experience the elation
that it was your vote, and mine
that decided, not discounted,
but contributed to democracy,
our voice, the history of our time.

So, read the manifestos,
and decide to make it happen,
to place your cross upon the line,
and vote it into being.

That is Dot's it all about. Susie.

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