Wednesday, 27 June 2018

hospital city

hospital city

“the enemy’s upon us”
said the enema saponis

"high hot and a hell of a lot"
said the nurse who’d lost the plot 

“just a little prick”
said the nurse without a dick

“no need to panic”
said the bedpan mechanic

“roll on your side”
said the doctor’s bride

“big breaths”
said the lisp with the yeths

“are you awake”
said sleeping pills take 

"i’m boracic lint"
said the nurse who was skint

"going to take out the stitches"
said the nurse in breeches

"out comes the pus"
said the nurse with no fuss

"well and truly plastered"
said the nurse who mattered

"time for discharge"
said the nurse in charge

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