Monday, 4 June 2018

luncheon is served

could i order 

a wild garlic and dew starter
followed by
whoops a daisies with a buttercup melt
dressed with a breeze of bees
a mixed grass sneeze
served on a bed of sea thrift
a side dish of warm sea mist
and a glass of valerian rosé
some bluebell fountains as a desert

a sea and sand of witch and lavabread 
periwinkles pinned and sunset
in an indigo sauce
spume poured in waves over
a sparkling tiara horizon
strings of golden clouds in sundown ice
slide off a full-bodied full-blue moon
a whispered i love you 
across a chasm of clotted time
lingering in entwined and treacle eyes 
and a cool glass of you are mine wine 

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