Sunday, 22 July 2018

music returns to auschwitz and a lone voice sings

music returns to auschwitz 
   and a lone voice sings


such longing, such an aching lamentation.
why do you not scream out, or 
laugh in an inconsolable madness
and release me from the gibbet 
of your anguish?
that i could manage,
that i could cope with.
and, no, i do not want to forget, 
but there is beauty in the purity of the 
voice that impales the pain;
it holds me spellbound.
i weep now for all mankind;
doomed, doomed, as we are, 
doomed to relive a myriad deaths 
and shades of suffering
before the end. 
oh, i bleed down these ochre walls,
as i relinquish into a sea of wailing
all of my sorrow; 
i dread what yesterday will bring 
unto the ‘morrow;
it lacerates my sadness 
to hang empty upon the night air, 
and i wail and wail, but to no avail;
for alas is never enough;
is it?

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