Tuesday, 31 July 2018



do you know how many?
how many died in the great wars?
how many died in the great plagues?
  wait! wait!  come on,  read on a bit. 
and, yet, the world is now overpopulated.
do you know how many?

  we need

another war, or another plague; no!
no more! no more! i scream at the moon.
 - it’s always the moon isn’t it? -
it changes nothing, 
nothing changes,
it changes nothing, 
does it?

global warming, yeah, yeah, boring, right?
droughts, wild-fires, famine, water-wars?
epidemics? but, it’s always been like this, yes?
  yes, yes, it’s always been like this,
down the ages. but mutual assured destruction,
what a cabaret show that will be;
what an unusual permutation of
football results, or lottery numbers.
pop another pill, not in our life-time, 
but our children?
  our grandchildren?
silly old bugger! There he goes again;
he could worry for wales, that one!
ha, ha, ha; that is so funny. 

and now the cat has peed in the cat tray, and missed!

  laugh it all away; 

"the end is nigh" "the end is nigh"
ha, ha, ha; how we laughed at that;
  yahboo sucks!
but we all have our end - don’t we?
these thoughts going around in circles,
and i am so tired; we all are so tired.

are the bugs and beasties waiting
for us to exit stage left? so that
they can take over the world?
it might be for the best? not for us, 
of course, but for the world. 
but this insensate blob
of rock and molten iron. what does
it know? it is dead sure.

so what am i to make of it all?
what am i trying to say?
do you know?
i’m buggered if i know!

phaw! phoo! stuff it you!
i’d rather have a cream cake any day;
i’m away to me bed.

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