Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Gower Seafood Hut

Let me relate of Chris the "Byshhe" and Sarah loved as "Kifty";
coupled in poetry and entwined in their hearts of art;
and how the rime of salt that surged from forebears,
tumbled down a sea that winnowed the chaff depart,
from a golden concept - singular in its majesty, that was:

The Gower Seafood Hut

Born on boated Southend promenade, where
once the fond-remembered Mumbles train,
did rattle every boy and girl’s seaside day:
and who would have dreamt that seafood so fair,
would fire that savoured memory on this bay?

That Gower would of its seas supply, all
that is good and wholesome from the briny;
and that Chris and Sarah would prepare such delights
that would insist you sit ‘n savour, upon a high tide’s lapping wall,
the flow of that self-same briny’s, fresh and hearty bites.

Oh, do join me for a much-savoured snack,
and I will tell you tales of Mumbles long ago;
and how this little blue and friendly hut will
transport you to those heady days way back,
when quality of the sea was guaranteed, in much the way,
a cherished memory is taken to a fireside’s winter glow,
where revisits will be planned for a summer’s day,
and where a snack will be savoured once again, 
by the famished, at the famous:

Gower Seafood Hut.

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