Saturday, 8 September 2018

Our Harry Secombe

Our Harry Secombe

Oh Harry, Harry;

you are a friend over for tea;
a chuckle in the sunshine;
a huge song to melt the winter.
You seem surprised that
your talented life is ours.
Come here, 
hug your arms around me,
and giggle.

I was born where you were born;
I was christened in your church;
I went to the same school as you;
but I was a lot younger than you.
Although I never met you, we are pals 
under God’s long sky.

You make me laugh;
you make me cry;
you make me try
to be a Secombe.

Come on:
give me another hug; 
give me your whinnying laugh and 
blow them a mighty raspberry.
Hello Eccles;
ahhh Neddy Seagoon
you done and deaded me again.

God bless you Harry, 
tidy like mun.

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