Wednesday, 26 December 2018

as once we did under a rancid moon

as once we did under a rancid moon

if a child wine did in winsome moons so slide
  the hard snow down the wide-eyed dusk 
to chill mine and theirs and more beside
  was this knot of boys shred of their husk

moon boys that sledged the flared 
  blue breath of secret nights
and in this their exhilaration shared 
  the rarest of rare just-mights

for when the hearth fades
  into the monochrome 
and when the gossamer threads
  are as thin as thin from home
the boys will be the boys of naughty 
  nights buttered under a rancid moon
and will toboggan from abandon’s haughty
  heights to crash out all but too soon

as the moon sets and slips these childhood
  tears frozen blue on stinging fingers
the boys grips fail and fall and no good
  night in this their old age lingers

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