Monday, 31 December 2018

new year’s eve

   new year’s eve

will be the same as 

   we all know that
 despite all the hoots 
nothing is left behind
nothing  carried forward
 that will fulfil our hopes
  at the allotted chime
           will stir the dying embers
                   as the cat sleeps on
    the jazz player lays the blues 
       that simply fall off the edge 
          of time

each of us alone 
at the edge of
the lonely void
for there is no time 
when time is alone 

so we stand senseless 
       in the cold
  listening for hope
insides turning aside
while all down the while
    the new year sleeps
in the cradle of the early days
at the razor edge of time
  at this once and only
     poignant point

  new year’s eve
    just another 
 new year’s day
  forgetting that 
on new years day 
the new year ends

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