Tuesday, 24 November 2020

take the word loneliness

take the word loneliness 

take that lonely word


and sit with it quietly under the sky

in your field 

or run with it cliff top

torn to shreds by the sea’s breath

or under the midnight stars

tell them how it is

how you miss no one but xxx

plant the seed where seeds don’t grow

in the dark places 

walk away 

does it matter if it grows 

the lonely word drops letters

everywhere it goes with you

loneliness drops hints 

that every letter parchment bound

never adds or removes from the world

never blooms or runs to seed

but sits there with you friend 

a good companion early met

and true to the end

inside outside

the air is warmed in slow breaths

it hangs in a misted question

dissipates in the unanswered

halted on a ferris wheel at night

between moon and sun

as lonely as death

yet with all the promises you made

to yourself and no other

will ever know


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