Sunday, 15 March 2020

i’m ok

i’m ok 

it’s raining outside
but it will stop later this morning
soft music on the radio
and the cat is snoozing
  a deep breath 
taken by both of us

there’s a light spring breeze
through the open window
the daffodils have gone over
and the forsythia is in bloom

breakfast forgotten for
there is coffee soon

glittering like rain drops 
on the corkscrew hazel
my thoughts of nothing
turn upon a pinhead

i am riding the elevator of the dawn’s rain
in an armchair of no desire
colin the boxer dog walks his owner home
the beach still in his eyes

the garden is fasciculating in the breeze
and everything is rain striped
prevailing west to east
no complaining by the sparrows building 
today’s nests
for summer will be laid here soon
before me

the music changes tempo
coffee has been sipped and 
black chocolate thoughts nibble
the new day to behold
words upon a spring tide
in full flow

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