Tuesday, 10 March 2020

(taps head)

(taps head)

not out there
but in here (taps head)

in here (taps head)

in here (taps head)

inside of the inside of
your skull
  your heart
    your veins
      your abdomen

your   ‘your’

not a poem about there
everything remembered
coded and filed
and written and filed
and submitted in submission 

but that something that doesn’t exist
like a virtual particle   that pops in
and out of existence  something 
that is so new  it’s unrecognisable 

that when it exists 
you do not
it is a memorial to your outside
wrapped around this inside
both of which do not exist
except you do   you did
don’t you understand 
even now
when you have found it

and on the third day it was red 

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