Sunday, 12 December 2021

dawn and dusk


the crab darkness

hurries into the trees

walk me to the moon and back

be quick now please

for every look up from my tea

sees a lightness to your touch

that stops in its rising as the mist

is damp on the cobblestones 

damp on the seats in the garden

i can see them now   just

the white hair of last summer’s

lobelia tussled in a blue pot

ivy moving to the touch of a blackbird

the cat is in and licking the night away

to the soft music of all this

fluttering of the hazel’s last leaves

a drip     drops

morning has arrived

dawn is now a dunnock

pecking pecking 

away with you

coffee soon


draining away

through the breach in the wall of day

all colour in the stilling wind

dropping soft in the backwarding

sluiced in the closing

they have gone the birds

nothing moves

the night things wait the closing

of the only flowers 

a light pops on in the distance

the sigh of a rising moon


it is done

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