Tuesday, 23 January 2018

the copulation of all the times

contoured by her hips, within her labial lips, 
lies all the existences of a man and a woman. 
from the first replicator to the final extinguishment of the flame, 
the flow of life burbles there.
the falling into the attraction of features and personality, 
all down the synchronicity of the torsos dance, 
they float together towards the always plateau. 
that is why there is comfort in the breathlessness there.
why eyes close and thoughts are suspended.
both are giving, both are taking. both
writhe with their terrier bite on eternity, 
then flocculated flaccid after the twang of elastic copulation; 
when the tide ebbs and flows, 
when the giver takes and the taker gives, 
becalmed at full tide their roles merge.
minds are suspended in mirror images
misted at the centre of physical love.
then time stands still 
for every man’s and for every woman’s lust 
for that blurred anatomy at the androgyny of the moment.
all sensuality is the long kiss goodbye, 
from the now moment, that straddles the warp
between ancestors and progeny, 
is the why in the exquisite torpor of the moment that 
brings into existence the virtual history and virtual future 
of all life, until all life is ended.
it is surely eternity in the singularity of the moment, 
when the sexes meet as preordained.
it is that fire in the heart from birth to death, 
that masquerades as love, 
camouflage for the pheromones, 
for the hormones bequeathed by evolution,
that, at the moment of copulation, suspends everything, 
the moment when
the moment is just aware of the moment.

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