Saturday, 20 January 2018

For who do the owls do howl

The owls howl down the tunnels of the night.
For who? For who?
For you, for you,
it’s true, it’s true!
For me? How?
Moon cat, moon cat - Listen!
Hush in your halo crown.
Hush .... there, there!
That tremolo is for you. For you
do they howl, way down,
to you, to you
way down in the soot of night
they hoot to you.
Stalk with teeth on edge, from nails upon
their beaked blackboard,
then chalk a bleak moon screech.
Who? Well you. Who me?
Yes you. You, who
are tucked up, and safe in bed.
And so nice, so nice
it is.

Leave the owls to gargle moonbeams.

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