Sunday, 11 February 2018

I want to ask you a question

I want to ask you a question.


It was up at Tydraw, where they razed the houses,
shall I tell you how? Or why, more like.
It was because they,
they were like criminals, see.
No cure; so they simply razed
them to the ground; there’s a green field
there where the road leeds to Tir John.
Down another was Tygwilt, my dad said,
and I think I walked there, down the valley,
by the steam, beneath the trees, by Brown’s farm,
where the dogs barked. Boy, how they barked
above the bird’s nest that we found, we held our ground,
didn’t we boys? Not really afraid like. But we didn’t want
him to chase us mun, because we had the bird’s egg see.
“All behind like Brown’s cows”, my mum used to say.
Yes I think I’ve walked there, that I can probably say.
And around the back below there, above Crumlin bog
I’ve walked the rusty shedded road to Winchwen,
and back again to the Black woods with the
chestnut trees and the stream 
where we raised that fox. Up the stoney muddy lane
between the hillside farm, where the dogs cornered us,
and the farmers wife was stopped, put in her place with
the farmers cry: “never mind the dogs woman!
Get the fucking heifer! The fucking heifer!”.
Never mind the dogs, we ran from the farmer,
and dogs minded the heifer. Not going there again
for heifer and a day; we laughed all the way
over Kilvey Hill above the docks, and in the quarry
that had a gold mine, that’s far enough in and out 
above Danygraig cemetery where the black dog rang
the bell at closing time, err the ghosts take foot,
eh? Then on up Grenfel Park road to 
see the Tawe flow in the valley beneath the rocks, where
there is a German bullet lodged in the warm-handed stone,
we said. And we said it was a tree trunk in the river,
until they pulled the dead boy out, God his mother’s screams
made us shiver. We ran the sulphur slag slime yellow slither
along Rifelman’s Row and Taplow Terrace. So near home
and, phew!  And phaw, Dennis the Menaces we are see, 
going down Pentrechwyth steps and home for tea.

So there you are; 
that’s what I were,
that is me.
So now my question is ......

Will you marry me?

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