Friday, 16 February 2018

each one a thousand fragments


each one a thousand fragments,
the new one fragmented more;
when the two of us,
meld into the one of us,
the fragments fragment more.
facets of the meld of us.
remembering each other’s memories,
alliterations of the said and unsaid;
the spaces between the highs and lows,
the fractured features of your face or mine,
where every pain and tear entwine;
where every laugh we cried,
where every child we nursed, 
will ne’er be gainsaid.
their facets were our fascination.
the thousand ways that you see me,
seeing you in your thousand ways.
oh can’t you see? that we 
      one of a thousand fragments;
you a fragment in a thousand.
me a fragment in a thousand.
together we are a thousand, thousand,
              fragmented kisses;
but just a fragment in our time;
and ne’er our twain to meet.

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