Wednesday, 14 February 2018

the valentine days

the valentine days


each contour under two tracing fingers,
entwined across our spreading map; 
following the un-walked paths. 
all together leaning, the two of us, 
toward the one world line of our lives, 
similarly entwined and coterminous 
in our eyes; dark in spark in welded pupils, 
pooling our tears of laughter. how much dafter can
the fluttering butterflies pirouette, tickling 
in belly tight to belly tight. rarely in life will we
embrace the mountain top to valley
rollercoaster ride. the wurlitzer waltza 
on the spinning fairground ride of our new
life together, as we are, so we are, aren’t we?
breaths shared by arms around each other,
hands entwined and swinging in time to
some private tune. sinking into each other,
in the royal jelly, sweet in the hive of our minds,
in the way we float in thought, spliced together, 
both incanting in a whisper, you are mine, 
forever and a day.

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