Sunday, 11 February 2018

sad infinitum

sad infinitum 

impenetrable is the coat of mind
that covers THE nothing, 
so deep in the maze 
of thoughts of thoughts,
is a thought of nothing,
that the mind can never be 
to consider the nothing, 
             (If nothing can be nothing)
        (other than that nothing else exists)
let’s call it the real or the unreal nothing

                 such is this life we live.

before there was nothing, 
after there is nothing.
our lives are simply spent
in replicating the replicators.
truth in rare flashes some will see,
and we steadfastly refuse to replicate.

all we are,
if we are at all,
are algorithms 
within algorithms.
within replicators.
all together replicating
in sad infinitum 
unto the end.

oh that it was 
that nothing was again.
then never more
this sad charade. 
oh come on, come on!
get it over,
with us be done.

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