Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Barra Lament


Barra Lament 

Heart-rending across the beach 
a tartan piper crying in lament,
drawing tears from the wind,
is heading this chain of sadness,
so tiny under the orb of blue,
so tiny across the sand to sea,
their lineage across this bay,
their way amidst the hills,
sadness in a people so aligned.

A lone stone castle cannot believe
this black pain winding cortège 
wrapped in an island far away,
ache linked to a city far away.
Resting on the sun-stone church,
voices of their love for her,
of her, their child, so full of zest
taken - don't ask of evil "why?"
for by God she has returned 
to rest forever,
here at home.

Bowed they
sobbed into the church.
Smiling they
soared out shinning love.

Eilidh you have touched me so,
oh, so, so much more,
than you will ever know.

All is changed forever.

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