Friday, 16 June 2017




a minded of the land and byways
this earthen mould in mind reversed
inside out and introspected in
footfalls guided down time's eyes
the way it's always been

the sky afire

crag's jagged reticence scarred in grass
and in burnish of the stream's avarice
turned aside for eons the valleys made
that cleave the sky for the moonshine
scalding alone

the sky frozen

gnarled the first trees stake a hold
eyebrows in the fringe glistening with
tears of the wind that crag-ward wind
down the times where we wended thus
sheep-sure footed the cloven ways

the sky in finis thin

petrified in wood and wire rust
stone walled fields the view
that we must not stray
then disavowed that way - no
the copse in coppice oversteps

the sky is larking

the big trees mark the land
as far as the shaded eye on
the bucolic pastures below
scene in the palm of the hand
a land aglow and gentrified

the sky is heavy

the gold and fields call down
come soar and buzz and stir
and sway the breeze grasses full
on the midge meadow stream
my casket mind in embrace

the sky is hazy

abridge the scene the hamlets
snooze and in stone intone
the always thoroughfare
of thoughts that roam
pour home

the sky can see

the factory fire of empire
squire me in a vice tightening
in smoke and grime this time
our time is running out to sea
see see

the sky is stormy

assuredly the root of soot in
minds moulded by this moulding
can scream escape at the nape
of necks to nothing on a block plan
dry and geometrically minded

the sky sinks

thoughts stream away undulating in
adoration of the horizon line
that cleaves the man that can
see the sea and once seen the scene
will wash away the landscapes of the mind

the sky darkens

the desert dunes of stars and
hush blue cooling a dying day
black as the landscape melds
and dying the mind exhales
lay me here in this landscape
alone together in perpetuity

the sky weeps

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