Sunday, 4 June 2017



every diving board day
finger tipping the butterflies
spinning the fields and sky
eyes zest wide in conversation
around every subject under the sun
of the mornings of tomorrow
body-diving onto thoughts
deep same soils of childhood
angst and bravado unquestioned
leaping to float
until the until decides
which music in the veins of youth
in the genetic seams of
all generations turning
the pepper mill and sugar sifter
that lace the ricochets around
the infinite salad spinner of youth
to stampede the horses in
harness and rearing
emotions higher and higher
into the dawn of childhood and
the sun's elemental peaks
breathless in abandon
iridescent in the orbits
across the light years
and back again that
hormonal fountain-hood
blind in love’s pupils wide
and tides of heart pushing
over the sea walls running before
tempestuous propellant thoughts
of everything and naught that aught
to be considered but
is thrown to the four winds
the seven seas of wherever
we will be we will
run spin
dance hug
and kiss
as the sun settles
hot upon the days
hand in hand
settling low
me and you
and them
to kiss
and cuddle
the muddle
adolescent zing
hammock dozing
on the sea
of the being
of the here and now
and how
you and me  
will be
   in all ways

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