Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Privy thoughts (1955)


little lad's candle cat eyes
flickering on the earthen floor
of a privy in the privet
in a winter dark and cold
teetering and tottering atop
of a slag-sad wall

cistern painted crusty green
trailing the trusty rusty chain
wobbling and thumb latched
rattling the planking door
top gapped with a black wind
for a roosting sparrow
on his dust beam bed
holding back the dam

cobwebs and crawly things
alive the white-washed wall
star cold seat cold feet
pipe paper by the sheet
th th then clank
a crescendo clatter
flushed in history

snuff candled, smoked and
reined in the hall of night
his expedition closes
with the quickly door
ice cold tap cold
towel damp to fire
flickering toast and bed

into cold sheets
shiver curled
ss so cold
cold yore
trust me
was so
it was
it is

earth to earth
flushes to flushes
must to must

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