Monday, 12 June 2017

Solar Wind

Solar Wind
(upon a garden seat)


Swooning, oh the octopus sun,
blanched thoughts go heavenwards,
faced in sun-threads so cocooned.
Summer solstice thoughts
long upon on the solar wind,
under the history of eyelids.
Birdsong heightened in a singular way.
Disembodied, breeze-embraced,
a déjà vu of every beast and man,
since time began, and don't we know it.
A crinkling sun-kiss upon my lips,
ever so slightly sinister,
trusted this day to lie,
soft for bed.
Cat climbs the sunbeam,
trapdoor scratching red,
as the time-clouds pop the dam,
and the dusk tide in full spate
springs from the champagne stars,
o'er the meandering moon,
o'er the 'morrowing sun,
to reclaim night from day.

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